It's Always be Fun to be Yourself

this world is too short to be pretend to be another person. Just be yourself being inside people around you with their masks

Sep 11

Isn’t so happier if you could always laugh everytime, not worried about everything and let all that thing move as they could be…

Live your life girls, world is waiting for you. Its just a little bit of time till it happened.. 

Open your eyes,and see’s that beautiful universe heading for you :)

Allright, I’ve just watch now you see me and guess what shit I hate it! Segala subliminal message ada di film itu!apa coba maksudnya eye eye eye…..

It was absolutely leading us to illuminati, and guess what, everybody loves it!

I hope people are smart to selective what is right and what is prohibited.. Ya Allah kumohon lindungi umatmu ini :(

  • <p dir=ltr> There's always be a way, if there's always be a hope </p>
  • <p dir=ltr> And will...</p>

Hey guys.. what do you mean by your word? I just wanna see your proove. Not your sentences…

Sep 10

Bulan, sinarmu yang begitu indah terus membuatku ingin tetus dekat kepadamu… kepada Yang mencipatakanmu …

Aug 29

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